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Old 09-25-2014, 12:41 PM   #1
Eskimo Baby
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Default Hello from Croatia :)

Hello Eskimo Friends

Week ago or so.. when I received an e-mail that Damien will release new album I was so overwhelmed with joy. 8 long years! I was introduced to him by my sister almost 10 years ago. Really it was love by first listening. I was 19 and chaotic, going through my adolescent ages with less or more luck
I loved energy in his songs, stories behind them and my interpretation of them. With years going by some songs received new meanings because I went through various situations like moving to different city, some bad and good relationships, heart broken, traveling around, meeting new people or losing some people.. Basiclly maturing. Damien was always with me.
Even in moments when I put him purposely on the side because he just disappeared and I was like: "Damien, your time-limit is over with me and I'm over you!" But there is thin limit between love and ignoring
When I received this e-mail I've realised that we are in the beginning but new and great beginning. Like I wrote on YouTube in comments for the new single, I feel like this was maturing process for both of us. He changed, his music changed and I changed also. But that is good. He seems like happier person now. I love new songs.
So...that's my story about me, myself and I and Damien

Beside his music I'm hugeeeee fan of The National.. Love for them is a special category! Also I listen Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, The Shins, The Curve, The Velvet Underground, Bon Iver, The Black Keys, Paolo Nutini, Tindersticks, Stuart A. Staples, Frank Turner, Arctic Monkeys, Future Islands, Yo La Tengo... and so on and on. My taste is eclectic.

Most of them I've seen alive but not Damien! I hope that I'll have opportunity soon. If he will be near Croatia Or if he will on tour next summer while I'll be on vacation

That's it.

Hello once more
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... trusty and true ...
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very welcome, voxi
uplifting words enjoy the igloo!
["Read me your favourite line": "No podía sucederme nada peor –pensaba aquel amigo–: tengo el alma delicada."]
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Welcome !
"It's not perfect, but it's mine."
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Eskimo Baby
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Thank you
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Eskimo Enigma
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