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damien lisa
am i breaking u
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Default questions to describe urself

in the mood of raising EF spirit, keep the igloo alive
u can skip the question or think of cooler question. The answer should be related to igloo

1. what do other eskimo call you? damien lisa, damien_lisa
2. how old are you? late 20s
3. how do you rate your english? 5/10
4. your first impression of our artists?
_Damo: not much. Know him from Closer OST
_Lisa: Watch The blower's daughter MV: Oh, she sings too. Later, when i know her name, "hey, the girl on the beach"
_Tomo: the smiling guy
_Shane: not much
_Vyv: what a hottie
5. who're you 10 years ago? what i have to do is destroy my youth, the gates are closin' as I'm frozen…
6. what do you expect from our artists in the future? to see damo healthy, lisa in a bikini (it's more realistic than marry her), vyv in more project
7. how did our artists affect your life? i learn some from damo. Like ppl never change, we're all liars, **** u sound like love u, let me out like let make out...The tip that spending time with myself i knew it before =))
oh hey, amie is in damien
8. fav quote from other eskimo?
Originally Posted by carrroline View Post
Although I really don't like the word fan. I wouldn't call myself a fan of anything/anyone.
9. fav topic http://www.eskimofriends.com/forum/s...t=14876&page=7
10. which eskimo do you want to meet the most? is utuber Lisasfanno1 eskimo? he's awesome
11. best of igloo? the humor of other eskimo
12. worst of igloo? it's really a desert now
13. what would you say to our artists? probably just say hi to each one
14. your regret? make some threads i cant delete like comments
15. what did you miss? i'm late here, i miss a lot. Like Don't explain all Lisa version. All the rare gigs. And something like this
Originally Posted by Rai View Post
During the second Galway gig, basically this is what happened, the dress unbuttoned itself during a song and stayed that way for a few minutes until Tomo notified Lisa. There was blushing.
Originally Posted by borneoman View Post
there was also a wardrobe malfunction in my gig last summer and some blushing too!!!!
Originally Posted by Beevers_uk View Post
Damien's infamous birthday gig, the first of a 3 night slot with the full band in the Olympia. Guest appearances by Terry Sutton & Declan O'Rourke. For those who weren't present, Damien consumes an entire bottle of wine during Cheers Darlin' - The collective gasp of the audience results from Damien throwing his birthday cake in Lisa's face at the climax of the song. There then follows a pretty drunken unplugged ensemble rendition of Heaven Belongs To You, featuring Lisa on lead vocal, Damien on ukelele, Vyvienne on Cello and the backing singers of Tomo, Shane, Terry, Declan and Kathryn Williams and her band (the support act).
Originally Posted by tj View Post
hehe.. indeed...drunk damien is damn funny! the whole throwing cake at lisas face though sounds like something that could have happened tonight. i was at a birthday party gig tonight aswell!

the stoned fab channel gig is legendary though!
16. The myth you want to know? Did damo come to this site to check the lyrics?
sometime in 2013-aug 18th 2016 GMT

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