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Smile A wee trip to Scotland...

JUNE 16, 2017
Location : France
Exterior temperature : Bit hot
Weather : Sunny

Plane being so early the next morning, I had to book a cheap room in a lowcost hotel near the airport.
Off to Paris by the train then, around 7pm.
A few minutes after departure I saw a deer in the woods near the train track, no time to reach for the camera, still : good omen (I decide) !

8pm, I'm in Paris, well in the underground. It's frantic, so many people, so much speed in all directions, it's warm, it's damp. I reminds me why I left this city 8 years ago.

Half an hour later i'm in a new version of the regional express network (just a name really...) train.
There are talks behind me in some eastern European speech : Russian maybe ? Also next to me, two adults and a kid, them it's in German. Love it really, can't wait to hear them Scots tomorrow !

Out of the window the north part between Paris and the airport is as bleak as ever, except for the sunny weather :

9pm I reach the cheap lowcost hotel. Everything is automated almost.
I "laugh" (I wish) at the way the electricity plug is situated, too high (like 5 feet from the ground) and without anything underneath. I need to recharge my phone : it's thus hanging all night because the power cord is short, I place a pillow on the ground just in case...

Early morning of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : France then U.K.
Exterior temperature : ok
Weather : I don't remember

My alarm wakes me up at 4.40am !
My phone is still hanging, good !
I do everything fast, yet still in a sort of slumber !
Shuttle drops people at the airport around 5.30am.

I still can't get used to how big that airport is, sometimes from one place to another you need to take a little train, like between terminals. I wish the picture below would do justice also to its verticality :

At the security check I start beeping at the metal detector even though I took off everything : "-Wait what ??? That a joke or what ?" !

: "-Take your shoes off please !"
: "-I... have... metal... in my shoes ???"
: "-Yes... We'll show you at the scanner if you want !"
: "-Eeerr... OK !"

I take my shoes off...
I look at the screen, so it happens I have a long thin metal bar in the sole of each of my shoes that I, after all those years, wasn't aware off.
Have I been in danger everytime I was wearing these shoes outside whenever there was a storm ???

Anyway... Around 6am I'm at the boarding gate :

Lift off around 7.30am :

Reaching the sea, goodbye France, and go back one hour on my watch, it's 7am again :

Then reaching the U.K. :

Oh those clouds :

Took this pic below because it reminded me the cover of an old CD.
Also it's really pretty :

Morning of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : Scotland
Exterior temperature : SO nice !
Weather : Started a bit cloudy then super nice !

We must now be above Scotland, this below is a clue !

Look closer, this is LOCH SPACE INVADER !!!

And then right before Edinburgh, the "LAYER" :

We dive through it (and I promise I haven't photoshopped the colours off : #NoFilter) :

And then, finally, we "emerge" below, victorious :

Also I don't know who took that picture, because I don't remember taking it, so it must be accidental, but still it's pretty, so here, right before landing :

And then touchdown :

Still morning of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : Scotland
Exterior temperature : SO super nice !
Weather : Sun is starting to gain on white clouds !

Double deck shuttle to Edinburgh :

OK that castle here, it's BIG, like really big.
It doesn't seem on the picture, but it's because it's far.
No really, it's BIG :

The shuttle destination is in the middle of the city.
Oh some houses in there : wow !
There is some serious real estate in Edinburgh really !!!

And then when turning around I saw this thing, super cool looking :

And got closer. (google street view)
You know it's kind of those towers in fantasy games.
You know what I mean, they give a bonus each turn to your undead armies, and with enough crystals you can even summon some gigantic...
Ok well you get the idea...

Edinburgh looks super nice, I need to come back with more time on my hands to fully explore.

Around noon of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : Scotland
Exterior temperature : perfect !
Weather : sunny with a few white clouds : perfect !

I had heard there was a beach in Edinburgh, and I wanted to see the sea.
This beach is called "the promenade" !
Delighted :

Now see this thing below, well it's supposed to be an octopus hanging on the pole :

I tried to zoom but since I suck quite a lot at taking pictures it looks more like a face-hugger from the movie Alien than anything else :

So hmmm... I guess you'll have to Google it if you're interrested, here are the deets :

Anyway, this is really really a super cool place this beach :

Have to make sure you watch your step though.
Here's an encounter with another alien lifeform.
Judging by the footprints there was a rabbit there, that evidently got swallowed by the alien lifeform encrusted in the sand.
Traces of the fight can be seen on the right of my shoes : the mark of a giant tentacle...
No wonder there is a tradition for sea (or lake) monsters in that country :

Now, look at the kind of bars they have, overlooking the beach, #Seriously :

Starting to feel hungry I stopped at a nice place called "The Espy" (google street view) and treated myself () with Belgium waffles and mapple syrup, that I totally didn't wipe/rinse/rub the plate with my finger at the end. I made sure noone was watching anyway :

Afternoon of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : Scotland
Exterior temperature : Was starting to get a bit hot !
Weather : very sunny !

Beginning of the afternoon, time to depart to my final destination, the county of Fife, north of Edinburgh, across the Firth of Forth estuary. By train :

The view is super nice for the whole trip, most of the train line this afternoon is along the sea :

Here on the right, probably some weak attempt by the Scottish tourist office to perpetuate the legend of underwater monsters.
But my seasoned eye sees it for what it is : a giant robot !

And when the railway isn't near the coast, it is pleasant countryside :

After a very nice one hour train trip I "land" in Cupar and get a taxi to go deposit my stuff in the room I booked for one night.
The place is totally lost and secluded atop a hill near a farm. The cheapest I found, since on a budget, and it is beau-ti-ful my picture doesn't do it justice :

The room too is enchanting, for a few minutes I don't dare touch anything :

Gigantic garden, mini-wood more like, I'm amazed :

And at the end of the garden, the view is amazing, and at the risk of repeating myself, the photos don't do justice to the sight, and also it doesn't feel we're on a height, oh well :

Evening of JUNE 17, 2017
Location : Scotland
Exterior temperature : Very nice !
Weather : Super nice !

This is it !
The venue.
It's the village hall of Letham (google street view) :

And inside, that day, there is going to be a gig of one of my two favourite singers (you know who the other one is !) :
Rachel Sermanni !!!
(Here on the poster, on the left of the Yoga one) :

Also this time, unlike last year, it happens *before* the gig :

My poor heart... Because [REDACTED] [REDACTED] next to me and I [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

The event is organized by Letham Nights, and also the 3 following photos are from them since I can't, for the life of me, take a decent shot during a gig.

So this below is a picture of the first act : Hannah Jarrett-Scott.
She sings nice songs and she's super funny in between.

Picture by Letham Nights

And then : Rachel Sermanni.
I don't think I'm any good at doing music reviews, so I prefer to point you to this link which is a professional review of the evening.
Let's just say : me = super happy !

Picture by Letham Nights

Picture by Letham Nights

Oh wait, one thing though : she too is extremely funny.

Like she tells us something super positive and cute and stuff, then pauses, then :
"-Here comes a very morbid song." all with a smile :

All good things have an end :

This photo is actually by me ! So there !
From left to right : Rachel Sermanni, Hannah Jarrett-Scott, Thomas Cauldwell, Gill Higgins & Jennifer Austin.
Not on the picture but still part of the gang : Jimi Troup, the sound engineer.

JUNE 18, 2017
Location : Scotland then France
Exterior temperature : I don't remember
Weather : ditto

Next morning, back to Edinburgh by the same railway, this is super nice :

Liftoff :

Goodbye Scotland :

Hello France :

Touchdown :

I know one thing, wait no : two...

I would love to see more gigs with Rachel Sermanni AND I want to visit the Highlands !

Speaking of her gigs, she's about to start a US tour next monday.
So for those of you in the US that are interrested...

Also guess what ?! I didn't forget anything this time !

I think...
= @UntaughtPianist
"Just keep swimming." - That's what she said...

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